Villa Palladium's exquisite accommodations


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The Unmatched Accommodations of Villa Palladium

The luxurious accommodations of Villa Palladium provide a new standard in comfort and relaxation.  The Villa has eight private bedrooms with bathrooms and balconies with terraced panoramic views.  Private vacations can be customized to accomodate small or large groups with a full lstaff and chef to make your experience enjoyable.





Villa Palladium Events

The Villa can accommodate hundreds of guests in the Grand Ball Room for special occasions such as weddings or exclusive parties.  Go to the Contact Page for information on how to book your special event.




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Guest Suites


Eight luxurious guest suites of elegant decor are graced with their own balcony with terraced panoramic views that provide a peaceful retreat for enjoying a higher standard of relaxation.  



Luxurious Private Baths


Each guest suite has it's own private bath.




Relaxing Living Space


Villa Palladium has private living space on both the main, upper, and entertainment levels. 

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