The unique styling of Villa Palladium


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The Unique Architecture of Villa Palladium

The legendary architecture of Villa Palladium is a symbol of excellence in offering luxury and comfort.  The Villa has over 20,000 square feet of living space, including 8 private bedrooms with bathrooms and balconies with terraced panoramic views.  Private vacations can be customized to accomodate small or large groups with a full lstaff and chef to make your experience enjoyable.





Villa Palladium Events

The Villa can accommodate hundreds of guests in the Grand Ball Room for special occasions such as weddings or exclusive parties.  Go to the Contact Page for information on how to book your special event.




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Engaged Columns


Engaged columns and pilasters (pillars) are a recurring feature of Villa Palladium. The Palladian style used through out this Villa is characterized by bold, austere and massive architectural elements such as temple-front porticoes, rusticated masonry (large blocks of stones separated by deep joints) arch-topped Venetian windows  ceilings with harmony of proportion and detail. Roman and Greek designed crown molding through out the entire Villa.  



Multi-level Terraces


Multi-level terraces are accessed via mahogany and brass French doors which provide panoramic views of lush beautiful hills where Renaissance popes and nobles passed their summers among the vineyards and pretty villages, now known for their wines and glorious beaches.




Magnificent Fountians


Villa Palladium is adorned with two beautiful fountains.  As you enter through the wrought iron gates and drive in to the main entrance of the Villa, the first fountain with a marble maiden, Galatea comes into view.  Enjoy the romantic ambience of the lighted fountain of Galatea with musical cherubs in the courtyard.
The second fountain located in front of the Grand Ballroom entrance has a cornucopia in the center surrounded by cranes, frogs and alligator statues splashing in the fountain and is graced with striking fuchsia bougainvilleas.

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